Gmail Password Recovery

Worried about your Gmail account password? Are you being denied access from your own Gmail account? Or did you forgot your login information? Well, put your worries aside and find out the solution for Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail password reset, etc. right here. Also if you want instant help for Gmail password problem then contact our Third party Gmail technical support team anytime.

Are You Sure That You Forgot Your Gmail Account Password?

If you have lost access to your Gmail account owing to losing the password, try and recollect. There are times, users claim that they have been typing the correct password and still were denied access to their account. This might happen due to a couple of reasons – firstly, you are putting the wrong password, thinking it to be the correct one (if you are trying to login after a long time); secondly, when someone else got access to your account, changed your password, so when you use the correct password, it prevents you from accessing it. This also means that your account might have been hacked.

To check if your account is hacked, follow these:

1. Do you have a 2-step verification option initiated? If yes then you must have received a "verification code" via SMS in your phone inbox when the hacker tried to access your account (even with the right password) from an unlisted device. If the feature is not initiated or activated, you will not be able to use this option. Not having this option increases the chance of hacking, however, if you have it and still get your account hacked into then your mobile security may also need help.

2. Have you noticed anything out of the ordinary in your account recently? This could be anything like sending spam messages or sending messages that you didn't send or missing mails, skipped information, etc. for which you are not responsible for.

3. Did you receive any notification or warning about other subjects trying to access your account in the past?

Gmail password recovery is not that hard but in case of losing the account password owing to hacking, recovering the password is really tough. Calling our Gmail customer support toll free number will make it easy for you to get your hacked Gmail account recovered.

How to Reset Gmail Password?

Resetting process in all email services is the same. Once you understand the core steps, you will be able to fix errors in any of your email accounts (Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook or MSN, etc). First of all, upon forgetting password you will need to open the ‘password helper procedure’ page where you can select 'forgot password' option. However, if you fail to access your account due to security threat, such as hacking, click on 'I am having others problems signing in' option.

Initial Steps to Gmail Password Recovery:

The options will further give you instructions to resolve the matter with the correct verification code (that you will get on your phone or on alternate email address), which will allow you to choose a new password to use your account smoothly again.

1. Go to Gmail account recovery page

2. Choose “I don’t know my password” option

3. Enter your Gmail address and follow the instructions

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