What Is The Use of Labels In Gmail Account?

use labels in Gmail

Gmail allows you to categories your inbox into different categories which allows you to understand the different types of emails that come to your inbox. You can also set up your own labels. Gmail has some pre-existing labels, but when you create filters, you may want to create more labels. You can either manually pick up mails to transfer the mails to different labels or folders, or you can set up filters to direct mails to different folders. While you can create labels according to your conveniences you can also delete labels if they are redundant.


To create a label, log into Gmail account and then on the left hand side click more on the labels list and click on create new label. Give a name to the new label and then click create. You can add more than one label to a message. To do so, login to your Gmail account and then select the message you want to apply labels. Now you have to check the boxes next to the labels you want to add to the message and then click apply. You can also add label to a message while composing it. To do so you have to click add the right corner of the message, and then click label and select from the available folders.


Labels help us to organize the inbox and we can directly go to the particular folder where the mail we are looking for is saved. Whenever you open your inbox, go to the left hand side of your mailbox and hover the mouse. You will be able to see all the labels listed. You can click on the one, which contains the message you want to read. In this manner you will never lose track of important mails and would not have to waste a lot of time in retrieving information because you would know which folder contains the message.


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