How To Add Multiple Accounts In Gmail

Add Multiple Gmail Account

Here are some of the general steps that user needs to follows when he or she wishes to add multiple account in Gmail. However, why they want to add multiple accounts? Well, the reason is simple. They want to manage their multiple tasks that can be regulated through various accounts they have.

Therefore, if you want to use multiple sign-in accounts without having to sign out and back in again, then you must follow the steps as guided by the Gmail customer care experts. They are one of the most reliable team who knows how to follow each step and in the correct order.

Let us dig into the correct steps –
• Add your Google Accounts
• You can easily sign in to Google
• You can click the profile photo or email address at the top right corner of the page
• Click on the Add Account option from the drop-down menu
• Share account information while signed in to one account
• Now enter the username and password for another account you want to access
• Click on Sign In
• Switch between the present accounts
• Click on the profile photo or email address at the top right of the page
• Choose the account that you would like to sign in
• Share the account information while signed in to two accounts

We can use the emails for a number of ways –

You can use it to send them emails to friends, search for things that you will find interest and manage your schedule.

You might require doing business related or schedule business meetings with your coworkers and clients from a separate email account and more. Even if you are into sports jobs you might send email to teammates, search for the sport equipments in some or maintain a Google calendar though another account.

Multiple sign-in is one of the most useful devices where you might not need to sign out of your account for other who can use it. If you share the device with some other people, they can check out other options to let you sign in securely in to the Google.

Multiple account sign in is easily distinguishable for each of the accounts. You can and choose different Gmail themes for each account to let your inboxes have a unique design. To know more about this facility in Google, talk to the third party service provider like Gmail customer support, who can explain you everything in details.

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